Intelligence Games for Your Cat

Cats are very sensitive and intelligent animals that need to exercise their cognitive abilities to maintain a healthy life. Thus, it is essential to enrich the environment and offer intelligence games for your cat, so that he can remain physically and mentally active.

Accessories and toys to stimulate your cat’s mind

In the day to day we cannot always dedicate all the time we would like our little cats. In the hurried life of our workday, we spend many hours working and our pets feel our absence.

To avoid a sedentary routine and the negative effects that this brings, it is important to enrich your environment with toys and accessories that stimulate your body and mind.

Currently, it is possible to find interactive toys, mazes, and smart scrapers, specially designed to work the intelligence of your cat. ‘Wellness centers’ (are also available Wellness Center) offering textures, brushed and relaxation massages to provide our pussycats.

Smart food dispensers are excellent options to stimulate the curiosity of your pussies. Also, some brands have launched mazes that ‘hide’ treats and propose that the animal be creative to achieve them.

Despite the above, we must be careful not to overload the environment and end up confusing the animal. Toys and accessories must be separated from each other and the cat must have space to walk freely; the areas of cleanliness, rest, food and sandbox must be respected.

Making your intelligence games for your cat

Another option is to make our homemade toys to stimulate and entertain our cats. Using simple or recycled materials, such as cardboard boxes or rolls of toilet paper, you can create intelligence games for your cat.

Next, we see some simple and economic suggestions to use creativity and encourage our minions.

Puzzle/hiding place for cats with a cardboard box

Everyone who lives with domestic cats, we know that they can make their world in a simple cardboard box. So why not take advantage of this economical element to make intelligence games for your cat?

In this example, we will need a sturdy cardboard box, scissors, and toys that please our pussies (balls, mice, birds, etc.). To start, we make 12 holes with the scissors – or sharp cutter – in the cardboard box lid.

Once the base of this hiding place is made for our friend, we introduce the toys inside the box and let our cat enjoy his private space and his ‘prey’.

Intelligence game with paper rolls

With creativity, we can build numerous toys with toilet paper or kitchen rolls. A very practical option is to use glue or adhesive tape to adhere to several pyramid-shaped rolls.

To complete this space, we place some toys, treats or croquettes of feed in the recesses of the rolls. And we already have an optimal toy to stimulate the mind of our pussycat.

Sensory stimulation to stimulate your cat’s mind

Sensory stimulation is a key aspect to enrich the environment of our cats. In addition to toys to keep them active, we must incorporate into our home elements that stimulate their acute senses.

Here are some ideas of sensory stimuli for our feline friends:

Visual and sound stimuli for cats

A cat can spend hours looking out the window, observing people’s movements and natural phenomena outside. This is a simple and economic stimulus that every owner can offer to his minions.

However, this window should be oriented towards positive stimuli and not unattainable prey, such as pigeons or other birds. If our cat spends an unattainable prey all day long, it can generate a huge sense of frustration.

We can also use television or another device, such as a tablet or mobile phone, to show videos to our felines. But again we must remember that felines have their way of feeling and understanding the world. Therefore, it is essential to select videos that offer images and sounds that arouse your interest.

Olfactory stimuli for your mininos

The sense of smell plays a central role in understanding the world around feline. Therefore, stimulating the olfactory abilities of your cat is essential to work its intelligence. Catnip is usually the best element to arouse your olfactory curiosity.