My Cat Wobbles When Walking: What Do I Do?

On some occasions, it may happen that our cat wobbles when walking, has a lack of balance or even weakness in its hind legs. This wobble can occur in varying degrees, and can even prevent the movement of our cat, so it is convenient to know what it can mean.

My cat wobbles when walking: otitis?

The balance is mainly in the ear, and imbalances that occur in the ear or nervous system can cause ataxia, a disorder that can be the cause of the problem if our cat wobbles when walking.

Therefore, one of the things we have to rule out is an ear infection: otitis. The otitis may occur for various reasons, such as accumulations of mites that infect the ear or a drop simple defenses.

Although mild and external ear infections do not cause this symptomatology, otitis can be complicated and affect the middle ear, which can end up producing ataxia, which is what can be the cause of our pet’s imbalances if our cat is wobbled when walking.

This otitis can also be caused by a blow or even by the appearance of a foreign body in the ear. A typical case is the spikes, a danger unknown to your dog or your cat, which causes tremendous pain and severe otitis.

My cat wobbles when walking: trauma

Another of the most frequent reasons for these symptoms if our cat wobbles when walking is that there is some serious blow or trauma that causes disorientation to the animal. In many cases, rest solves these problems, but it must be remembered that, if we suspect trauma, we must visit the veterinarian, because there is a possibility that you have damaged an internal organ.

Food can also be related to this type of process: cheap feed may be lacking in various minerals and proteins that can cause this type of weakness.

That is why we must always be especially careful with the feeding of our pets and look for the best feed for cats. Juvenile and geriatric stages are especially critical, so feed for elderly animals or puppies must be supplied to our pets at these stages of life so as not to suffer from deficiency diseases.

My cat wobbles when walking: spinal problems

If our cat wobbles when walking, and seems to have weakness in the rear train or poor mobility of the back legs, it may be that the problem has a nervous or even spinal origin. The cerebellum and peripheral nervous system are responsible for moving the animal, so nervous or brain problems can trigger these types of problems.

The vestibular apparatus is in charge of balance, intimately related to the ear, so that, in addition to otitis, damage to the vestibular system may be another reason after staggering. More serious problems that require treatment, such as herniated discs, may also be behind this symptom.

If our cat wobbles when walking, there may be many different processes after this strange walk. And although some of them can be self-limiting and cure themselves, most are processes that require veterinary assistance so that our pet does not get worse.

  • Some of these diseases even require surgical operations, so we encourage you to see these symptoms in your pet go to your trusted veterinary clinic, as several tests are necessary to reach a definitive diagnosis, which can never be reached any degree and through the network.