Names for long-haired cats

When we think about acquiring a new pet, it is vital to look for a good name with which to identify you. Finding names for long-haired cats, which will be the ones that occupy us in this article, is so complicated a decision to look for it in other animals.

When choosing names for long-haired cats, we must remember that the names of pets are not a mere whim, and it will be the name we used to call and refer to it, so it should not be too long for the cat understand it; it is advised that it is not more than three syllables.

In case we want to give it a long name, we recommend always calling you by a diminutive. It is also recommended that the name does not resemble that of any order or that of family members or other pets.

Names for long-haired cats: Egyptian mythology

The Egyptians are a culture that has been related to cats in an intimate way, so many felines appear in their mythological ideology, and it can be fascinating to call our pet with names that have remained unchanged over hundreds of years.

  • Bast or Bastet are two ways of referring to the same goddess of Ancient Egypt, the protector of homes and temples. Domestic cats are the representation of Bast, so it is especially appropriate as one of the names for long-haired cats, especially if they are female.
  • Sekhmet is another of the feline goddesses of Ancient Egypt. In this case, it is a lioness, although it is also very appropriate as one of the names for long-haired cats that we can choose; It represents war, revenge, strength, and healing.

Names for long-haired cats: Norse mythology

The relationship between Norse and cats may be less well known, but Norse mythology shows that the Vikings lived with these cats and gave them names, so perhaps we can choose a Nordic name to nickname our cat.

  • Freya is one of the main goddesses of the Norse, known as the goddess of love and beauty, besides being considered a warrior goddess. Freya is intimately related to cats, like Odin with crows, and has very long hair according to the goddess’s representations, so her name is ideal.
  • Biegel and Trjegul are the two giant long-haired cats that pulled Freya’s car during the war, so among the names for long-haired cats, we might want to choose one of these two Scandinavian names, especially if our cats are male.

Names for long-haired cats: Asian mythology

Chinese, Japanese and other cultures of the East have been closely related to cats, so in their mythology, we can find many names for long-haired cats. His hobby reaches such a point that we can even find the cat islands in Japan.

  • Li Shou is a protective god in China, a feline divinity related to crops and fertility; and it is that for the Chinese, cats are guardians and watchmen of the gods.
  • Bakeneko means ghost cats in Japanese and, although they are not gods, they do possess supernatural powers such as transformation or the ability to fly.

Names for long-haired cats: Celtic mythology

The Celts have been closely related to cats, and it is that fairy cats, known as Cait Sith, are part of the Celtic stories told in Scotland and other related countries.

  • For the Irish, Eire was a deity who gave her cat the gift of knowledge thanks to a magic cauldron, while Iran was the king of cats, large and long fur. Both are ideal as names for long-haired cats.
  • Pangur Bán is a white cat that stars in an old Irish poem, while Ceridwen is a Welsh goddess who is represented surrounded by white cats, so both names are great, especially for long-haired white cats.