Skookum, a Small Cat Full of Curls

What can happen when the man plays God? Well many things. Among them, create new cat breeds. This is the case of Skookum, a small pussycat, with short legs and full of curls.

Meet the pussycat with short legs and curly hair

This beautiful and friendly feline is the result of the cross between copies of Munchkin and LaPerm. Of the first, the Skookum obtained the limbs of short length. Of the seconds, curly fur.

The breed, considered as experimental by some feline associations, emerged in the US. in the 90s. The initiative was from breeder Roy Galusha, but then other breeders from that North American country and also from abroad took the post. Thus, the Skookum reached some places in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

The name of the breed comes from the language of the Chinook, an Amerindian tribe from the northwestern United States. It means power, a good way to compensate for the small size of this lovely pussycat.

The Skookum cat emerges from the cross of the LaPerm and Munchkin breeds. From the first, he gets his short legs. Of the second, its curly fur.

Physical characteristics of Skookum

Beyond its short legs – more front than rear – and its curlers, the Skookum has the following physical characteristics :

  • General muscular structure.
  • Females weigh between a kilogram and a half and two kilograms. The males between two and three.
  • Wedge-shaped head.
  • Round neck.
  • Expressive, nut-shaped eyes.
  • Curly eyebrows and mustaches
  • Big pointed ears
  • Soft and shiny fur
  • The long and feathered tail
  • Varied colors (white, black, brown, bicolor, colorpoint, tabby or solid)

In addition, males usually have curls more marked than females. Anyway, whatever the sex, they are really striking animals for their fur.

A funny and intelligent cat

The minions of this breed are affectionate and active animals. Very sociable and intelligent, they love to play and have fun and are usually always willing to jump and climb despite their short limbs.

It also gives them hide in rare places. Confident and self-confident, they get along well with other pets and with children. Endowed with a lot of energy and great curiosity, they are always a willing subject at the time of pampering.

Keep in mind all this information when choosing a Skookum, to be sure that it is the type of pet you are looking for. Always remember that these are living things and not objects that are used and thrown away when you get bored or are not to your liking.

Care that race requires

Brushing two or three times a week, with a soft bristle brush, will suffice to keep the Skookum’s curly fur in good condition.

On the other hand, is a relatively new breed, no health issues of its own have yet been detected. And while many fear spinal problems because of their short legs, so far it seems that these inconveniences have not been detected.

In any case, to avoid the occurrence of such a disorder in the future, the cat should be exercised every day. If you don’t have a properly conditioned patio or garden, maybe you should get used to walking on a leash.

It is good that you know that the short legs that some cats have are due to a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia. And that breeders deliberately seek that the Skookum – and other breeds of pussy-bears – are born with this ‘particularity’ in their limbs. Judge if this procedure seems commendable or repudiable.